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    De Kisangani, Province De La Tshopo, Republique
    De, Mocratique Du Congo/RDC
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  • welcome to the factory

    Topping amongst other varieties
    of rubber

    Congo rubber is highly rated and used rubber variety across the globe.
  • welcome to the factory

    Highly utilitarian with
    International Quality

    To meet the international rubber standards, we provide thicker
    raw materials.
  • Stands out with product perfection

    Congo rubber delivers highest quality products understanding
    the needs of the market.

Story of Congo rubber

35years long lasting and mutually rewarding
and relationships.

Congo natural rubber is a highly rated and utilitarian rubber variety. It stands out from all other varieties because of its international quality, and its characteristic of product perfection. As Congo natural rubber is thick than all other varieties, it makes itself a standard raw material for rubber products.

Our company rubber farm spreads to a two lakh acres of plantations with over 3000 labourers working for the farm and 100 employees working directly for the company.

Congo rubbers are obtained from vines, and it has a distinct mode of collecting and coagulating. This appears red in colour. In the initial stages of congo rubber collection, the farmers went through a strenuous journey. Rubber was collected by farmers in groups and they climbed the rubber trees or vines, slashed the bark and collected the extract. It is after many different processes, Congo rubber is brought to the market.

The major specialty of Congo rubber is its colour and the quality. From earlier times itself, congo rubber was used for making rubber bands and other related rubber products. The high quality products made from Congo rubber makes it the standard variety of rubber.

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